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Connecting Villas

Dea Villas offers an unparalleled level of flexibility for parties that require more privacy or space to spread out.  While each of the four villas enjoy their own private grounds, they can also be rented together in many different configurations, offering everything from the intimacy of one bedroom to all 12 bedrooms, accommodating from one couple up to 24 guests (32 if the ‘daybeds’ in the four-bedroom villas’ bedrooms are also used.)

12 bedrooms:  Sarasvati + Sati + Amy + Radha
11 bedrooms:  Sarasvati + Sati + Amy
9 bedrooms:  Sarasvati + Sati + Radha
8 bedrooms:  Sarasvati + Sati
7 bedrooms:  Sarasvati + Amy
5 bedrooms:  Sati + Radha
4 bedrooms:  Amy + Radha
4 bedrooms:  Sarasvati or Sati
3 bedrooms:  Amy
1 bedroom:  Radha

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Villa Radha
1 bedroom


Villa Sati
4 Bedrooms

Villa Sarasvati
4 Bedrooms